General Questions

What is Living Forgotten Realms?

Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) is an RPGA Living campaign that uses Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules and the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

What is a Living campaign?

A Living campaign is different from regular play in two major aspects. First, characters (with all their accumulated experience and treasure) can be played in any sanctioned adventure that supports their level of play, anywhere in the world. Second, character decisions and actions will impact the shared world in which play takes place.

Where can I play Living Forgotten Realms?

Wherever you like to play: at home, in game stores, or during conventions. The only additional requirement from regular D&D is an RPGA sanctioned DM with an LFR adventure.

Where can I learn more?

To the right are a number of links that expand on all the answers provided on this page.

Player Questions

How do I create my character?

Just as described within the Player’s Handbook (using either Method 1 or 2 to generate ability scores). Each of your characters will also require an Adventure Log and an Advancement Tracker. These are included in the RPGA Character Creation Guide [zip], along with other useful information to get you started.

LFR players can also draw upon other sources for character races, classes, and abilities, as detailed in the Creation Guide. For a sample of these additional choices, as well as a list of regions eligible to be included in an LFR character’s background, see the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide or its preview material [zip].

Why would I want to play Living Forgotten Realms?

In addition to all the fun that comes from D&D and the benefits of Living campaign play listed above, players may also choose to register free for D&D Rewards.

Does my character have to come from Akanûl?

As a player, you are based out of the Akanûl (an organizational zone equated to Canada). Your character, however, may come from any one of the eligible regions (and therefore receive any one of the regional benefits). More from the RPGA on regions.

Will I be able to play adventures outside of Akanûl?

Absolutely. You are eligible for play in any Adapted, Regional, or Core adventure. More from the RPGA on adventures.

Dungeon Master Questions

Why would I want to DM Living Forgotten Realms?

In addition to all the fun that comes from running adventures, there are a number of additional rewards for DMing in LFR. New adventures are made available to you free, each week. You have an immediate player-base with which you can begin play. You also receive the benefits of the RPGA’s DM Program.

How can I become a DM for Living Forgotten Realms?

You can gain certification by taking an online test. Once you are certified, it is as simple as downloading an adventure and sitting down with some players. More from the RPGA on organizing an event.


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